Newtícias nº 51
Energy Efficiency

This time of change must serve to make things different and for the better. It is in this vision that we are seeking to channel our ENERGY. We want to contribute to a more efficient and cleaner world: the future is just around the corner, and our planet is facing a complex problem. The strategy, outlined at a global level, of seeking to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050 will need everyone's contribution and a radical change: to reduce consumption, to search for cleaner energy sources, to increase the use of electricity for the most diverse purposes…


Within the P&C Group, we are trying to anticipate that future, either by adhering to efficient energy production and consumption solutions, or by waste management, or by providing innovative solutions to the market, in order to solve problems in these areas. In this issue, you can find out about the solutions we have adopted, as well as the many that we make available to our customers. I would like to give a special note to the launch of P&C Mobilidade – Electric Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles, for its meaning of innovation in the solution developed internally and with the collaboration of elements from different Group companies.


Read the entire issue of Newtícias nº 51 here.

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