The 2018 Lisbon Festivities were kicked off by the Gulbenkian Orchestra and the young musicians of the Orquestra Geração, on a night dedicated to compositions that were inspired by various periods in the history of humanity, marked by wars and the celebration of peace. A ceremony held in Praça do Comércio.  




São João do Porto is one of the best-known popular festivals in Portugal. 

It was originally a pagan festival, in which people celebrated fertility associated with the joy of harvests and abundance. Later, similar to what happened with "Entrudo", the Church recognised this pagan festival and attributed Saint John (São João) as its patron saint. 

Nortaluga rented the equipments and distributed the energy to all the places of the city. 




The long and delicious history of this fish is celebrated every year with the Portimão Sardine Festival held in this historic town. 


In the Algarve they know sardines well and, more importantly, they know how to cook them to perfection making the Portimão Sardine Festival a must for fans of this fish or for those who wish to try the real sardines.

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