We started our activity with the rental of equipment for civil construction and public works, and we have gradually extended our scope to the sectors of electrical energy, industrial maintenance, metallurgy and metalworking.


In addition to the rental market, we also operate in equipment sales, always opting for partners with widely proven brands and quality at the service of our rental fleet. 


Covering various areas of activity, we stand out for our versatility and capacity to provide an appropriate response to each specific need, always improving the quality of the service provided.


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27 Nov 2023

Newtícias nº 57
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01 Jan 1970


Estão a utilizar a nossa imagem e dados de forma ilícita.

Cuidado com estes e-mails.

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27 Jun 2023

Newtícias nº 56

Já se encontra disponível a última edição da revista Newtícias do Grupo Pinto & Cruz. Poderá ler as novidades de todas as empresas do Grupo e perceber a origem do propósito do Grupo Pinto & Cruz "Para que o seu negócio não pare >>".

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05 Jan 2022

Viana do Castelo Store Renovations

We started the year with the completion of several renovations in our store in Viana do Castelo.

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15 Out 2021

20 Years Anniversary Nortaluga

Nortaluga celebrates 20 years and we want to leave our THANKS to everyone who has passed through this house.

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21 Mai 2021

Super Bock Arena Partnership

We are the energy that moves the Super Bock Arena!

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12 Mai 2021

1st Ecological Rehabilitation Action

We are committed to helping preserve and rehabilitate our beautiful city.

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16 Set 2020

We are in Madeira

We are going to do in Madeira what we know how to do best, focusing on our customer.

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05 Ago 2020

New equipment for steam cleaning and disinfection

Nilfisk Professional Steam Machines. Clean and disinfect in one step.

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09 Dez 2022

Newtícias nº55

The latest edition of the Pinto & Cruz Group News magazine is now available. You will be able to read the news from all the Group's companies where we highlight the topic of Sustainability.

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27 Jun 2022

Newtícias nº 54

The present moment for our Group has a set of new challenges.

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15 Dez 2021

Newtícias nº 53

In this edition, as well as in the usual meeting of paintings, the main theme for reflection was based on the saying “We're Together”.

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30 Jun 2021

Newtícias nº 52

This semester, we welcomed two more companies into the Group...

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15 Dez 2020

Newtícias nº 51
Energy Efficiency

In this issue, you can find out about the solutions we have adopted, as well as the many that we make available to our customers.

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26 Jun 2020

Newtícias nº 50

It was 25 years ago that we set out to create a humble newspaper that could give news of what was being done...

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